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Gym Woman lifting heavy weights picture from pexels by Airam Datoon


Author and inspirational speaker Simon Sinek, in his book, Start with Why? ,argues that organizations that have a strong why are the ones that succeed in the long run and I have figured it sits well with people in general too. Only those who have a stronger motivation, a drive that will keep them going are the ones who actually stick to a process and change their destinies.

We from the outside can say that they are strong, gifted, genetically blessed, or any number of absurd allegation that we can find against them in order to justify why we are not as dedicated, as disciplined, as meticulous, and as organized in our pursuits. The simple answer is that their Why is stronger than their Why Cannot. Thus at PrimalPush we place an emphasis on building a Why which is as strong if not more than the body that you are trying to build.

Here we are rooted in Principle, everything else is just a means of achieving the end. Be it yoga, weightlifting, bodybuilding, calisthenics, crossfit, HIIT, whatever your flavor we got you covered. We will work with your strengths to make you stronger and then work some more to expand your capabilities. So you're strong not just in the gym but everywhere, rooted in your Why.

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