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Fitn man with muscles working out. Image by Daniel Apodaca

About Us


"We aim to empower people with the how of fitness, based in solid science, and making innovation in the field using technology"

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drive, it motivates us. It is the why behind our actions, our professionalism, and our commitment to keep ourselves up to date with the industry. At PrimalPush we take the client first approach. We utilize our long experience of working with hundreds of regular people with regular lives to provide you with what is best for you. Here, we understand that each body is unique and we eke out performance through tailoring the workout specific to your needs utilizing our knowledge of how the human body moves and that is not all.

We understand how our mind affects our bodies, from movement to posture. We understand interoception and have seen it at work. Therefore a stint at PrimalPush is bound to expand your horizons in terms of what your body is already doing through its innate intelligence, and what it can be made to do if we merge our consciousness with this innate intelligence. There are always conversations that uplift the soul and psyche that instills hope and healing from the core. Just as a new computer cannot run on old software, similarly a new stronger physique must also be supported with a new mindset to support continual progress.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip everyone with an integrative knowledge of how their bodies function so that they can take charge of their own lives. We aim to uncomplicate health and fitness as much as possible, kick the myths out of the window so that none of us has to go through our lives without experiencing, and witness the beauty and vigor that our bodies are capable of - paraphrasing Socrates.

Our Vision

We are currently living through one of the worst crisis in modern times (2019-) where millions of people have perished in a pandemic that claimed in disproportionately large numbers those who were suffering from chronic lifestyle disorders. Those people, we claim fell owing to lack of credible source of information about how to reverse their condition. Our vision is to create a society where such pandemics are more or less ineffective because the people are so robust that they sail through almost everything except serious natural calamities and pass into their old age with grace and vigor.

How we aim to do all this

We are very proactive in our mission. We keep educating our audience through various social media (instagram, facebook, youtube, twitter, and through PrimalPush blog). We are also pro technology, we are currently experimenting with android apps, and AI/ML to deliver unparalleled virtual coaching experience so that all the information that we have is also available to our audience. We are persistent in achieving our vision.


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