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Personal Training

  • Personalized workout tailored to your needs

  • One-on-one done in fully functional studio.

  • Nutrition plan, and continuous nutrition counseling

  • Focusing on preventing injuries in the long run

  • Complete body assessment to check for any probable fault line.

For Single person

INR 9500/month

INR 25500/Quarter

INR 49800/Half Yearly

INR 84324/year

For couples

INR 11000/Month

INR 29000/Quarter

INR 54,660/Half Yearly

INR 99150/Year

Personal trainer helping client put on his knee strap for heavy squats in a one-on-one session
Pesonal Training
Group training of people doing squats with barbell. Image by Sven Mieke

Online Group Training

5 to 15 days of online group sessions, scheduled throughout the year. Individual event is priced separately, follow our social media, or subscribe to the newsletter to remain updated regarding the same.

Online Group Training

Workout and Nutrition Plan

Personalised workout plan

Personalised workout plan based on an online assessment.

  • Online assessment - INR 1000

  • Personalised workout - INR 500

  • Online video discussion & doubts - INR 400/hr (Optional)

Personalised Nutrition Plan

Personalised nutrition plan based on an online assessment**

  • Online assessment - INR 1000

  • Personalised nutrition plan - INR 500

  • Online video discussion & doubts - INR 400/hr (Optional)

**Note - Online nutrition assessment will require you to provide these documents

  • Complete blood work,including

    • nutritional deficiencies,

    • hormone function

      • testosterone level (especially for men)

      • PCOS

      • Insulin senstivity (RBS)

  • 5 Day diet recall (Timing, amount, and type of food)

  • Duration, and description of daily activity

  • Family history of metabolic disorders

Personal trainer guiding a lady client on TRX
Fit lady with rippling back muscles preparing to lift weights


For any other type of service, kindly fill out the contact form on the home page and we will get back to you, working out a solution for you.

Other services include

  • Corporate training

  • Nutrition seminar

  • School event

  • College event

  • Society event

  • Holiday camp for kids

Workout and Nutrition Plans
Custom Services
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