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Abhishek, had his first encounter with fitness, sports, and physical activity as a profession towards the end of a 4 year engineering college, down in Karnataka. Building a team of rugby players out the mostly sedentary about to graduate college kids got him to study the science behind strength, conditioning, and training with some formalism. It had however had not fully formalized.

After college he started training at a ground where he helped couple of his friends to meet the time in various defense services. After that, he started getting requests, and with the help of a kind-hearted established trainer, he was initiated in to the field formally while also working full time on his web development profile. 

During that initial phase working as a trainer he got to work with clients who were ailing with critical conditions which could not have been overlooked while planning their workout and nutrition, and then followed even more studying. Eventually the time spent researching for clients outweighed the time spent working on websites. A decision had to be made. On one hand there was something that he did and studied for in college, and on the other had there was something that really lifted his soul. Finally, the decision was to pursue fitness as a profession full time, and with that came even more clients, more challenges, and more learning. A decision was also made to pursue the coveted CSCS certification to validate his experience, and knowledge as a trainer.

A bout of dengue and subsequent injury to the back led him to question his decision, if not for the wisdom of  Dr Kalpesh Patel, his dream of helping people would have shattered even before it had fully crystallized. Through, the encouragement and guidance by Dr Patel he learnt more, understood more, evolved as a better trainer, and even better, a better human.

Currently, with his knowledge of core training, injury prevention, risk assessment, nutrition he is assisting two budding sports team to take their performance to the next level. In addition to this he is also assisting many first time clients to start into strength training by giving them specific instruction in relation to the conditions that afflict them, initiating their journey in a safe and effective manner, so in future they can take charge of their health. A vision shared by the organization.

His own physical issues, because of the time that had gone before they manifested as injuries, have alleviated to a large degree, he is back to training intensely lifting weight that is roughly 80% of his pre-injury weights but that may also be because he is much smarter now then he was before (:P). It would be safe to say that he is on the verge of setting himself new again. He is also aiming to add another certification to his credential in his quest to serve his customers the best he could.

Full sized image of Abhishek Singh, CSCS
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